FS Bioenergia launches the first corn-only ethanol plant in Brazil

FS Bioenergia, a joint venture between the Brazilian Fiagril Participações and the American Summit Agricultural Group, opens today the first plant in Brazil to produce ethanol exclusively from corn. Located in Lucas do Rio Verde, Mato Grosso, the new plant positions FS Bioenergia’s specialists in the core of the main state for corn crop in Brazil, where they will develop products using high-technology for their clients.

According to a study published by the BioEnergy Research magazine, Brazil is one of the pioneers in the production of biofuel. However, the country still strongly depends on imports, being one of USA’s biggest clients, according to the US Energy Information Administration Agency (EIA). Thinking of this demand, FS Bioenergia invested R$ 450 million in the construction of the unit, that has a total area of 250,000 m² - 38,911 m² of built area, and was designed to be duplicated.

The plant’s expected initial production capacity is 240 million liters of ethanol per year. The unit will still have the potential to annually produce up to 186,000 tons of corn meal – 125 thousand of them with high fiber level and 61 thousand with high protein level – in addition to 7 thousand tons of corn oil.

Corn meal, called DDG (dried distillers grains) has applications in animal nutrition, including fish farming, meat cattle breeding, dairy cows, pig farming and poultry. The refined oil will be used as fuel for diesel cycle engines.

In face of the current scenario of record corn harvesting, the installation of a new ethanol plant produced exclusively from this grain can bring numerous benefits to the country, including providing a destiny for the surplus production, which doesn’t have space to be stored in the current conditions. Additionally, the biofuel and agricultural local markets will also directly benefit from the plant’s final product.

“Mato Grosso is an important region for FS Bioenergia, especially regarding the ethanol industry. We are proud to implement the first plant that will produce corn-only ethanol. The direct exposition to this market and the clients’ needs will generate new insights and feed our innovation capacity”, says Henrique Ubrig, CEO at FS Bioenergia.

The plant will also generate electricity derived from biomass, supplying its internal consumption and allowing for the commercialization of the surplus production, therefore generating additional revenue to the company. FS Bioenergia’s cogeneration capacity will be of 60,000 MWh, enough to supply a city with about 25 thousand habitants.

All FS Bioenergia’s processes reinforce the company’s commitment to the community where it is present and with the environment. “We invested in the construction of a new plant that will generate zero waste, have a continuous water circuit and reuse everything in its own production cycle, which is closed”, explains Ubrig. “The whole process is sustainable and nothing will be wasted”, completes.

About FS Bioenergia

FS Bioenergia is the first ethanol plant in Brazil to use 100 percent corn in its production. Resulted of a collaboration between the Brazilian agribusiness Fiagril Participações and Summit Agricultural Group, based in the USA, the company was created to produce ethanol and coproducts of the cereal in the city of Lucas do Rio Verde, Mato Grosso. The plant will generate zero waste, having a continuous water cycle and reusing everything inside its closed production cycle. This way, FS Bioenergia reuses residues of the productive process and post-consumption and reduces the volume of raw-material consumed.

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