FS Bioenergia announces the implementation of its second corn-only ethanol plant in Mato Grosso

FS Bioenergia, the first corn-only ethanol plant in Brazil, announces the implementation of its second site in Brazil, now under the licensing process that precedes the construction. Located in Sorriso, Mato Grosso, the plant will have an investment of R$ 1 billion, generate more than 1,500 direct and indirect job positions and has an expected production of 530 million liters of ethanol per year.


With a greater area compared to the first corn-only ethanol plant in Brazil, in Lucas do Rio Verde, the site will expand FS’s operation in the state of Mato Grosso and in the country, producing more ethanol, DDG and energy. With storage capacity for 400 thousand tons of corn, the expectation is that 1,2 million tons of the grain will be used every year for an annual production of 340 thousand tons of corn meal and 17 thousand tons of corn oil.


Considering both plants combined (Lucas do Rio Verde after the expansion and Sorriso), FS Bioenergia will have a production capacity of 1.06 billion liters of ethanol, 680 thousand tons of corn meal and 34 thousand tons of corn oil per year.


Biomass will be stemming from a 30 thousand-hectare eucalyptus planted forest, to be created with FS Bioenergia’s collaboration, the new plant will have an expected capacity for energy cogeneration of 160 thousand MWh per year, enough to supply a city with a population of around 70 thousand habitants.


FS Bioenergia’s second plant location is strategic and was chosen based on studies and business strategy. “Sorriso’s region and the state of Mato Grosso as a whole are extremely important and strategic for FS Bioenergia, and being close to the producers in Sorriso will provide us with even more feedstock to innovate and continue producing with the quality that we aim. In additionwe want to be a reliable source of high quality corn and biomass for these producers”, says Henrique Ubrig, CEO at FS Bioenergia.


The city of Sorriso, in Mato Grosso, known as the Brazilian capital of agribusiness, is the largest producer of soy and corn in Brazil and has and is the 5th largest fish breeder in Brasil. It is among the 30 largest exporters in the country and it is the 5th economy in Mato Grosso.


About FS Bioenergia

FS Bioenergia is the first ethanol plant in Brazil to use 100 percent corn in its production. Resulted of a collaboration between the Brazilian agribusiness Tapajós Participações S/A and the Summit Agricultural Group, based in the USA, the company was created to produce ethanol and coproducts of the cereal in the city of Lucas do Rio Verde, Mato Grosso. The plant will produce zero waste, having a continuous water cycle and reusing everything inside its closed production cycle. This way, FS Bioenergia reuses residues of the productive and post-consumption process and reduces the volume of raw-material consumed.

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