FS Bioenergia announces the duplication of Brazil’s first corn-only ethanol plant

FS Bioenergia, the first corn-only ethanol plant in Brazil, announces the expansion of its plant in Lucas do Rio Verde. With the construction already started, the company will make an investment of R$350 million, generating 720 direct and indirect jobs in the expansion. The plant, inaugurated in August 2017, has been performing good results and development. It has been positively surprising both in sales of DDGS and ethanol and in the distribution of them.

“We are pioneers in the corn-only ethanol production in Brazil and we are thrilled with the results we have had since the inauguration of the plant, in August 2017. With the expansion of the plant we can meet the growing demand for our products, as well as collaborate even more with the social and economic development of the state of Mato Grosso and of the country”, says Henrique Ubrig, CEO at FS Bioenergia.

With the duplication, it is expected that 1 million and 300 thousand tons of corn are ground per year, leading to an annual production, after the work is completed, of 530 million liters of ethanol, 400 thousand tons of DDG, 15 thousand tons of corn oil and energy cogeneration capacity of 132MW/h, enough to supply a city with a population of 55 thousand people.

With the production of DDG there is a 100% utilization of the raw material used in the plant, making it completely sustainable, in addition to profitable in different market niches. Still on sustainability, FS Bioenergia will participate in the formation of a 30 thousand-hectare eucalyptus forest to ensure biomass supply, the company’s main source of energy.

The plant also has state-of-the-art equipment, which operates in closed circuit. To work with this technology, FS Bioenergia capacitate all its employees, investing in its human capital and adding value to the local workforce.

The growing demand for ethanol in Brazil tends to remain strong this year, with a forecast of 30% growth, according to Banco Pine. A reflex of this scenario is the approval of the RenovaBio program last December. Through this market movement, FS Bioenergia reinforces its commitment to help meet the growing demand for the fuel in Brazil and become even closer to the main state for corn production in Brazil.

About FS Bioenergia

FS Bioenergia is the first ethanol plant in Brazil to use 100 percent corn in its production. Resulted of a collaboration between the Brazilian agribusiness Tapajós Participações S/A and the Summit Agricultural Group, based in the USA, the company was created to produce ethanol and coproducts of the cereal in the city of Lucas do Rio Verde, Mato Grosso. The plant will produce zero waste, having a continuous water cycle and reusing everything inside its closed production cycle. This way, FS Bioenergia reuses residues of the productive and post-consumption process and reduces the volume of raw-material consumed.

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